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Seasonal Athlete Journal

5 month daily journal for the sport you play

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This is a 5-month seasonal journal (6 x 9-inch journal, 226 pages) designed to help you become more self-aware of your feelings and thoughts as you improve your overall mental health & mental performance during your sports season. At the beginning, you will create a plan for the season, which will include:

  • A long-term goal and 5 short-term monthly goals

  • 3 to 5 values that will be important to you this season

  • A mantra

  • A morning and evening routine

Your daily journal entries will include:

  • "Check ins" - Did you complete your morning and evening routine? Did you commit to your values?

  • Awareness of feelings and thoughts

  • Guided questions that will help you process your thoughts and feelings during the week, as well as help you notice the things you are doing well, how you are improving, and more.

  • End of week reflection with questions

  • End of month reflection with questions

  • End of month questions on achieving monthly short-term goal/s

In addition, there are informational pages and resources included to support your mental health and mental performance. When you complete this journal, you will be able to self-reflect and notice the mental work you did to improve as an athlete.

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