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Workshops & Book Reviews

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May workshop

Transitioning out of Sport

This can be a difficult time for many athletes who have played their favorite sport most of their lives. They have invested much time and effort into something they have been passionate about for many years. Then expectedly or unexpectedly it ends. For many athletes, transitioning out of sport is met with many mixed emotions and it’s overwhelming to process all of them. What’s next? Who am I?  What else can I do? These are some of the questions that an athlete wants to understand.



Dr. Nina will provide athletes information on leaving their sport, how to manage feelings about it, learn about their values and what’s important to them now. She will also discuss transferrable skills that they have all gained from their sport and how these will benefit them moving forward.


This is a 2-week workshop on May 29th (Wed) and June 5 (Wed) from 6:00pm-7:00pm.

The cost for this 2 week workshop is $120.00 and space is limited.

Email Dr. Nina for questions or to register

Dr. Nina monthly book

Join Dr. Nina Rios-Doria as she gives a recap on some of the most popular books related to leadership, sports, mindset, mental health, and more. A discussion will follow after the review. Book reviews will take place once a month. Register here: Whites Chapel Methodist Church in Southlake  

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